What is the Shelf-life of your Dehydrated products?

Image of Shelf Life Product

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Shelf life of dehydrated products is infinite–as long as you can isolate them from moisture and oxygen.  The suggested shelf-life of our products (opened or sealed) is 12-24 months.  The reason the range is so broad is because of climate variations. This is assuming an average climate and original packaging. If you live in an excessively humid environment or do not have a climate controlled house the shelf life of the products will be reduced.  Our products are packaged for daily use, and are not “survival grade” quality.  However, because of the quality of our food, many users feel safer using them for their long-term storage needs as well.  Please be aware that high humidity and unstable room temperatures can decrease the shelf-life of dehydrated products and other food items, regardless of how they are sealed.